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 The Best Training for a Penetration Testing Red Team

Companies conduct penetration testing exercises to assess if their IT infrastructure contains any hardware, software or network vulnerabilities that malicious attackers could take advantage of to break into their systems. In such exercises, a team of security experts, or ‘white hat hackers’ systematically probe a company’s networks looking for weaknesses that can be exploited. Penetration testing exercises are designed to mimic, in as realistic a manner as possible, the kind of network surveillance and actions that an actual hacker would undertake to break into a network. The goal behind conducting such tests is to gain a deeper understanding of security weaknesses and the kind of threat those weaknesses could pose to enterprise data and systems.

A penetration testing Red Team takes the concept of such tests one step further. Red Teams don’t just probe for network weaknesses they actually exploit them. In a Red Team exercise, a group of security experts mount a full-scale simulated attack against an enterprise network using the same kind of software tools and techniques that a malicious attacker would use. To maximize effectiveness, Red Team exercises are usually carried out in a covert fashion, with few very people in the enterprise knowing about it in advance. Penetration testers sometimes spend days, just conducting surveillance of an enterprise network, and use information from their surveillance to devise a plan to attack the network. Red Team attacks are conducted with the specific objective of showing how a rival or a data thief could mount an attack, to steal intellectual property and other data, or to simply sabotage a network.

Red Team testing is designed to highlight key weakness in enterprise defenses and more importantly, ways to protect against them. Typically, Red Team’s provide clients a detailed forensic analysis of their attacks and the methods that were employed to break in to a network. Such testing and information can help enterprises get a clear understanding of the effectiveness of their defenses and to identify areas where addition security controls and mitigating measures need to be implemented.

Red Team Training Classes

Here are the training classes that are essential for any Red Team pentester:

Certified Ethical Hacker


Advanced Malware Analysis

Advanced Penetration Testing

Wireless Security Training

Exploit Development Training